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Dog Boarding Park City

Always small groups

Many different trail locations

Two walks a day

About Dog Boarding Park City

One of a kind boarding service in Park City, Utah

My name is Tom and I have been around dogs all my life. I’ve lived in Park City, Utah for 8 years.

I rescue and rehab abused Great Danes and I always have two. I also do research into extending the life of dogs and cancer prevention and treatment using natural protocols.

I started Dog Boarding Park City as a part of my rehab program. I take in two additional dogs for boarding. They will join my dogs on two walks a day and stay and sleep inside on a couch or bed. Never created never leashed outside. Your dog is treated the same as my dogs.

I love the outdoors and we take our two walks every day rain, snow or shine. I also have a huge yard, (.8 acres) all grass where we play several times a day in addition to the walks.

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Tom from Dog Boarding Park City, Utah with his two Great Danes

How it works and what we do

Your dog…

  • Stays in the house with me
  • Sleeps in the house with me
  • No crating, never leashed outside
  • 2 walks a day (these are 20min-2hr walks!)
  • Will stay with max 4 other dogs
  • Will be with me 24/7 since I work from home
  • Will eat the food you bring, raw food is OK.

Other services

  • Help switching dogs to a raw food diet ( 5-7 day program)
  • Give special medication
  • Cancer prevention and treatment solutions
    • For more information please contact me

Knowing your dog is in good hands, having fun and getting plenty of exercise,

gives you a great peace of mind while you’re away.


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